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Why Am I Going To Poland Today (and 2 new courses are available!)

Just a quick update today, as I have planes to catch, as I travel from Malta to Germany to Poland, ar

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Just a quick update today, as I have planes to catch, as I travel from Malta to Germany to Poland, arriving silly late tonight!

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Krakow, Poland
Why Am I Going To Poland?
Well, simply, it’s a hot bed of entrepreneurialism and start-ups!
For example, in a relatively small town later this week in southern Poland, I’m meeting a group of teenagers who are doing phenomenally well in the t-shirt business on Amazon Merch.
As you know, I’m currently running some major tests in this exciting area (my current costs are a mere $29 a month with Shopify and I’m sending my best selling items to Amazon Merch) and I’m paying nothing for unique, beautiful, full color designs.
From initial conversations, I can learn a lot from these guys and gals, so I’m really looking forward to meeting them over several days!
There are also several co-working spaces and I’m looking forward to talking and meeting the owners and a range of entrepreneurs here, too.
As an aside, there’s another reason to go to Poland - the dentistry there is not only wonderful, it’s also scary cheap!
My grannie in law and my mum in law need about $6,000 of work doing (bless ‘em!), but it will be less than a third of that in Poland. I’ve used the same dentist there for many years, so I know the quality is first class!
(Oh, and I get to take my family on 130mph trains, between the 2 cities that we’re visiting!)
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