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Why Are There No Jokes Today?


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

April 13 · Issue #102 · View online
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At the Irish Embassy. Fans of "Father Ted" will understand the placards. I'm on the right.
Why Are There No Jokes Today?
It’s Friday. 
The weekend.
Time away from working for someone else for most people.
A little thing for you to do this weekend. 
Perhaps involve your family, too.
Suppose though, as you leave work this Friday evening, the boss hands you a note to say that one year from today, your job will no longer be yours.  
You’re fired or made redundant. 
You have a year to plan.
A year to decide the future of yourself and your family.
What would you do, if you knew you had that year?
As you read my newsletter most days, my guess is that you’d start a little business, part time, working from home, immediately.
So that, in a year, you can be the master of your own destiny.
Now, thinking that through, don’t you wish the boss had handed you that note this time last year?
A year from today, please don’t be a'wishing that you’d done something about it this weekend. 
And don’t spend this weekend wishing you’d done something a year ago, please.
Instead, take action now.
Wherever you live, whatever your politics, the world of employment is in a mess right now, with the “old” jobs disappearing at an incredible rate. 
Trade wars, real wars, chemical attacks, hyperbole amongst politicians and plain old “stick in the mud” employers don’t help.
Here are some examples of what the future offers you.
  • All communications are much cheaper, goods are often cheaper from other countries and  - that means drop-shipping is available to all, for example.

  • People want to learn. What skills do you have, in any field, that you can teach? Online learning is massive - and the number of students you can amass worldwide in days or weeks is incredible. I managed to get 80,000 individual students and 250,000 sales in a few months with Udemy paying me 30%-50% with no advertising of any sort. I then set up to keep 100% of the income myself. Tetmo costs me $100 a month. Easy decision!

  • Everybody has email. And sending, legitimately of course, the right emails to the right people is very profitable. And it’s easy.

  • Many People Have A Hard Time Believing That It Is Possible To Make $10,000 Per Month After Only 90 Days …” but my latest course, published this week, has that title. 176 people have enrolled on that course already … and are smiling happily at what is revealed.

Like anything, you need training to be a success, whether it’s street sweeping or brain surgery. 
Then you need a system to follow. 
And that’s why I spend my time meeting successful people around the world (I’ve been doing it for 40 years, originally for CNN,  Nat Geo and the BBC - and now just for you!
I’m publishing a new 52 part course next week, all written, created and voiced by me. 
It talks about getting repeat incomes the easy way. 
It’s very simple, with relatively short videos, so that you can study it in a few minutes each day. 
Obviously, it’ll be expensive to buy (Tetmo members get it for free of course), but it will offer you the insight and methods to generate a weekly good income.
More than you’re making now from the boss. 
And no commuting time or costs. 
And more hours to do what you want in your life, be it fishing, travelling - or just rebuilding your life with your spouse and family, with no financial worries.
So, there are no jokes today.
Because I want you to be sharing what I’ve said, what is real, what is an opportunity for you, not trying to remember my jokes.
And don’t let mid-April next year be full of regret, please.
Decide to take action now.

As ever, email me if I’ve inspired you, annoyed you, amused you … whatever - I love hearing from you! 
And write now, even if it’s the weekend - don’t put it off until “later” - you know that you need to make decisions now.
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