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Why I Argued About My "MBA"

Today:    Why I Argued About My "MBA"   10 Fully Built Websites Available, Personalized For You   Ema

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June 18 · Issue #155 · View online
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  1.    Why I Argued About My “MBA”
  2.    10 Fully Built Websites Available, Personalized For You
  3.    Email Update

I'm on the left, but that is not my family on the right. Honest!
Why I Argued About My "MBA"
I don’t ever argue, never have, never will.
But I got into a bit of an argument over email on Friday.
I was told that I couldn’t ever possibly run any successful business as “you don’t have an MBA”.
Well, that was interesting!
Every successful person I know doesn’t have an MBA either.
  • Education teaches you the theory, but
  • Business teaches you the reality.
You can’t learn to drive by reading a book or sitting in a classroom (no matter how much you pay - grin!).
However, if you follow a business system, a plan by people who have succeeded, it’s very difficult not to be successful.
He wouldn’t have that, telling me again, quite forcefully that “you need to have an MBA” - he had one, as you’ve possibly guessed.
As I say, I don’t argue, but he was getting a bit arrogant.
So I replied to him.
Now before I tell you what I said, please don’t think I was being boastful, or worse, arrogant. He needed proof of my success - and that’s what I gave him.
I sent him a reply with the subject line of “Here’s A Copy Of My MBA”.
It was a screen grab of my bank statement.
Scribbled across it in yellow highlighter ink was “Massive Bank Account”.
He’s not come back to me ….
Did I do the right thing, please?
10 Fully Built Websites Available, Personalized For You
Screen grab of a part of one of the 10 sites
I won’t give you loads of details on this - you’ll see why in a moment - but there’s a rather good series of graphics stuff out today.
However, as so often happens, you are offered “upgrades”.
In this specific case, I’m not going to link to the intro offer - rather, I think the upgrade will be just perfect for you.
Briefly, you get 10 fully ready-built Stores, all in your name, with all sales income going directly to you.
So, everything (all ten sites, sales pages, payment links etc) is ready set up for you.
Now, as we know, all sorts of people and businesses need graphics, but good ones are scary expensive - so you’ll be able to get into this huge market, but at a MUCH lower cost.
Three things you need to know:
  1. Everything is done fully automatically online by each Store - you don’t need to process orders etc.
  2. The hosting etc is all taken care of for you at no cost
  3. You’ll get a free copy of my newest course (for sale at $2,200) later this week - this will show you how, FOR FREE, to use Social Media to get customers, again fully automated.
Like you, I love businesses where there is “just an income” - no dealing with deliveries, questions, sales and so on - so that’s why I can recommend it to you.
So, 10 Online Stores, all the profit to you - and no dealing with orders, deliveries and so on is a great set of businesses for you - and my hand- holding course will get you the customers.
You can see a sample of each store (remember, each will be personalized to your name or a pen name or company name of your choice) by clicking here.
Take a look, please!

Email Update
An actor plays me in this image.
Well, after getting behind last week (see Friday’s newsletter!) I caught up over the weekend, as promised.
Err, sort of …
You see, yes, I fully caught up on the backlog from Wednesday to Friday last week - but I then got a lot more emails than usual over the weekend, so I’m behind again!!
I will be fully caught up by Tuesday pm, my time, again though!

Alun, Chief Email Responderer. 
I also make the tea, sometimes.
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