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Would A "Turnkey" Business For $250 Be Of Interest To You, Please?


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

January 24 · Issue #46 · View online
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I'd Like Your Feedback, Please ...
I accept that for many people, probably including you, actually setting up a new business is a lot of work, especially in the beginning - finding the items, dealing with suppliers, writing the web page and so on.
So here’s something I’d like your feedback on, please.
“Dropshipping” is where you have a website with products in a narrow niche and the supplier takes care of deliveries etc. 
(“In a narrow niche” is important, as this really helps the search engines to send you free visitors.
For example, someone searching Google for “dog chews” is going to be happier going to a site just selling a range of 50 dog chews, than some “we sell everything for pets” site.
Google will send people who are all ready wanting to buy what you sell.
Google knows that’s what you want, so they love niche sites and stores, of course!
Logical, yes?)
As people order, they pay you directly (PayPal is great for this!) you merely click a button and the items(s) are sent automatically from the warehouse to your customer - there’s literally nothing else for you to do.
I run, very successfully, 6 businesses like this. 
My mum in law actually processes the orders!
I’m looking at setting up 3 x websites for those who receive this email.
Each will have a complete dropshipping fully-built store on it. 
All the SEO and stuff will be done for you.
There’ll be good-selling items in a profitable niche already in the store.
You’d only need to press a button and the supplier will ship it out to the customer.
You’d be able to add more items, just by clicking a button - I’ll show you how in the accompanying training, of course.
And, if a price changes or a description changes, your site will automatically be updated, hence why this sort of business is so often referred to as a “turnkey” business - you literally don’t have to set anything or change anything.
Now, you may have the ability to do all this yourself, of course, but it takes a fair bit of time.
I’m looking at charging $250 for everything, including full set up of your store, the domain, the website and all the hosting for the first year.
(Let’s agree on just $8/month for all the hosting etc after the first year, but the hosting will always be free if you don’t get in your pocket at least an extra $1,000 a month profit - is that fair?).
I only have the capability of setting three of these up, certainly in the next few weeks, and each shop will be very different, of course, and in a different niche.
If that interests you, will you just email me as soon as possible ( and say “Alun, I’m in”, please?
And if there’s a specific niche that you’d really love to have an online store in, do just say and I’ll let you know if my research thinks that’s a good idea (and that will be our secret, of course!)
Some Of The Features Which I’ll Include:
Each item will sell for about 2 to 3 times your cost price (and you only pay for items after you’ve received the payment from the customer remember!
This gives you quite a (normal for drop shipping!) fat profit!
Discount Coupons
You’ll have the ability to run sales or promotions via coupon codes if you wish, including offers for previous customers - return customers are great!
Product Reviews
For many items, reviews from the supplier for your items from real customers can be included
Abandoned Shopping Cart
“Cart Abandonment” happens for a variety of reasons, so sending an email (and follow-up emails!) is the most effective way to recover abandoned carts. As you’ll know, it’s what all of the “big guys” do!
Titles / Descriptions
You can change these at any time.
Email Lists
You’ll receive not only the emails of your customers - but you’ll also get the emails of users who left their contacts on your site but who did not complete a purchase. Useful!
Live Statistics
Simply connect your Google Analytics to get a detailed data about your visitors and traffic sources.
Private Dashboard
You get a private dashboard of your sales, your orders, your traffic and all activities to help you make the right choices for your business.
Free Updates & Support
You get full after-sales support and life-long free updates with new options and features.

If this interests you, will you just email me as soon as possible ( and say “Alun, I’m in”, please?

Looking forward to hearing from you!
Bucket On Head Time!
P.S. Apparently there are lots of US laws I’ve got to mention to you here, in case you think you’ll make a million by next Tuesday.
Sensibly, you’ll understand that I’m not promising you’ll making millions (or anything) and that whilst I do all I can to help, I can’t make promises. 
Wish I could, but sorry! 
I hate lawyers, don’t you!
P.P.S. - and if you’re in my $60/year club, I’ll do this for just $150, not $250, with no extra hosting fees in the 2nd and subsequent years.

If this interests you, will you just email me as soon as possible ( and say “Alun, I’m in”, please?
Alun's Been Thinking About Business ...
  • There should be a noodle brand named “Karma” so people can make themselves a cup of “Instant Karma”
  • Since the introduction of the smartphone, I suspect that people’s knowledge of breakfast cereal ingredients has reduced drastically.
  • Next time an airline loses my luggage, do I sue as a suit suit, a case case or a suit case?
  • If I ran a restaurant, the restroom doors should be labelled with M for ‘Mother’ and F for 'Father’. Just for the fun of it.
  • Charities are interestingly unusual businesses, as their ultimate goal is to no longer exist.
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