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Yesterday, One Of My Students Opened A Store In Every Town In America


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March 8 · Issue #78 · View online
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Yesterday, One Of My Students Opened A Store In Every Town In America.
And in almost every home in America.
And in most homes all around the world.
And she never has to order stock.
There are at least 5,000 items in her store at any time.
And her customers can see at least 50,000 reviews from people who have bought the same item.
She never has to open the store herself - it’s automatically open 24/7.
She has no staff.
She has no bills.
Oh, and she lives on quite a remote Pacific island called Koro.
Everything in her niche store is delivered to the customer direct from Amazon.
And Amazon also deal with all of the payments, all of the support and all of the service.
Every few weeks, they send her a commission on every purchase. It goes straight into her bank account or into her worldwide ATM card.
And for every customer who comes into her store, who then looks at anything, but doesn’t buy … well, she gets a commission on almost anything that customer buys from Amazon over the next 3 months.
Oh, and the store prices and the stock update automatically.
And everything is half price.
(And if the customer wants an even bigger discount, they can drag a slider (yes, this is an internet store, but I assume you already guessed that!) to a higher (or lower!) discount - and every item in the store will change. The customer will then see stock with the higher discount only).
Would you like to run a store like this?
I first offered a few stores like this on Tuesday this week, then a few more on Wednesday.
As expected, each one sold out very quickly.
Here’s today’s stores:
Niche 10: Sewing.
This includes the following sub niches:
  • Embroidery machines
  • Industrial machines
  • Quilting
  • Serger and Overlock machines and accessories
  • Sewing machines, plus parts and accessories
  • Sewing Patterns
  • Sewing Supplies
  • Sewing Project Kits
  • Storage and furniture for sewing
  • Thread and floss
  • Trim and embellishments
The price is $380
You can buy it instantly by clicking here.

Niche 11: Scrapbooking and Stamping
This includes the following sub niches:
  • Adhesive vinyl
  • Adhesives
  • Albums and refills
  • Chipboard
  • Cutting Mats
  • Die-Cutting and embossing
  • Kits
  • Paper and card stock
  • Paper punches
  • Pens and markers
  • Photo transfer and coloring supplies
  • Scrapboooking embellishments
  • Scrapbooking tools
  • Stams and ink pads
  • Stencils and templates
  • Stickers and sticker machines
  • Storage boxes
(As I think you don’t need me to tell you, this is a niche with ultra-high repeat business).
The price is $450
You can buy it instantly by clicking here.

Niche 12: Painting, Drawing and Art Supplies
This includes the following sub niches:
  • Art Paper
  • Boards and canvas
  • Drawing materials
  • Easels
  • Painting
  • Brush and pen cleaners
The price is $400
You can buy it instantly by clicking here.

Niche 13: Knitting and Crochet
This includes the following sub niches:
  • Ball winders
  • Crochet hooks
  • Crochet patterns
  • Crochet thread
  • Knitting and crochet notions
  • Knitting kits
  • Knitting looms and boards
  • Knitting needles
  • Needle cases
  • Yarn
  • Yarn Storage
(The knitting and crochet community love to share “finds” like this, so I suspect the built-in share buttons to Facebook etc will be very heavily used - I love free advertising, don’t you?).
The price is $420
You can buy it instantly by clicking here

If you’re an annual member of Tetmo (or you join as an annual member today), you get any of the above niches for just $220 each. Just email me with your chosen store, please.
Membership is here:

There’ll be some more stores tomorrow, but at a higher price - the price goes up every day, to encourage you to take action! Well, I hope you appreciate that I’m honest about that!
As always, any questions, do please ask me,, but I don’t do sales talk, I won’t promise you’ll make millions and I’m not suggesting that this is sponsored by Amazon in any way (a lawyer told me to say that, obviously!).

Your move …..
You’ll have the site and the training within 4 working days - hopefully sooner.
Again, onwards and upwards, eh?
As always, first come, first paid, first served, please!
If you want more details, do take a look at Tuesday’s newsletter, by clicking here
Alun's Been Thinking About Business (and life) ...
  • When dating, we tend to view others as a finished product while we view ourselves as a work in progress.
  • Adults who spoil the end of a movie must be the same kids who circled the Waldo in the library copy of the Where’s Waldo books.
  • If we mounted video cameras on garbage trucks, Google Street View could be updated weekly.
  • Is Dora actually an explorer, as she uses a map?
  • Clapping is just hitting yourself because you like something.
  • Why do shorts and pants cost the same price?
  • You are the average of the five people you most associate with. My most successful students associate with me. We email. We chat. We encourage each other.

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