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You Can Have 5 Start-up Businesses By Monday - Here's How


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You Can Have 5 Start-up Businesses By Monday - Here's How
So, as we look back on what I’ve been teaching you this week, you should now see that having a list of customers is much easier than you thought, if you use social Media properly, by posting regular and frequent posts - ideally video.
You also know that creating videos, thanks to simple modern technology like Content Samurai is so easy anyone can do it.
So, why not spend part of the weekend creating your own start-up?
Here’s a better idea.
How would you feel on Monday morning if you’d created 5 start-ups over the weekend?
With my help, of course!
Here’s the plan:
First, get a free 7 day trial of Content Samurai. In about 10 minutes, you’ll learn how to create beautiful videos.
Now you need something to offer.
Ideally with a 100% profit (isn’t it amazing that you can do this - purely because you’re working online, with no overheads!)
In my view, and I assume yours, it’s easier to sell, say, Coca-Cola, than to make your own drink.
So, we need 
  • something to sell, 
  • something that’s in demand, and 
  • something that we can sell a lot of
The easiest thing is information. 
Like you, everyone will always pay for 2 things:
  • Education
  • Health
Now, I know nothing about healthcare (I’m not a doctor and haven’t even played one on TV…), but education is something I know a thing or 2 about.

So, here’s the 5 businesses that I suggest you start-up.
(Yes, I know it sounds impossible, but humor me for a moment, please!).
  1. A 52 part course on the various ways of earning money from an online business. Almost everyone wants this information.
  2. A 40 part course on e-commerce. As you and I know, offering items online is such an easy profitable business - but you need to know how to do it properly.
  3. A 36 part course on Social Media - not only is this wonderful for you to learn from, of course, but almost everyone in business wants to master Facebook, YouTube, Linked, Pinterest and Instagram, don’t they!
  4. A series of videos on “evergreen” businesses that anyone can start-up (including you!)
Ooh, that’s only 4.
I said 5 businesses, didn’t I?
Let’s add another 457 items.
1) Books in PDF on 
  • Financial IQ and Management
  • Self discovery 
  • Positive thinking 
  • Goal setting & getting results 
  • Habits & subconsciousness 
  • Spirituality, zen & enlightenment 
  • Home business opportunities and mindsets 
  • Network marketing mindsets and stories 
  • Health & Wellness, and
  • Relationships & Social domination
2) Audio tracks on
  • Hypnotherapy 
  • Audio affirmations 
  • Binaural beats 
  • Meditation tracks
  • Motivational stories 
  • Ambient sounds for tranquility 
  • Relaxing music 
  • Breath modulation tracks
3) Videos on
  • Guided hypnosis
  • Affirmations
  • Meditation
  • Subliminal mantras
  • Personal development coaching
  • Fitness, and
  • Inspirational videos
and another 250 guides, books, etc.

You’re confused.
Because that’s all very well and good, but you see 2 rather large problems:
1) How are you going to create these products, and,
2) How will you get people to buy them?
Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now…
I’ve solved both problems for you
I can not only offer you all of the products, books, courses, videos etc listed above.
You’ll also get all of the sales letters, videos, web pages and so on.
And you’ll only pay about 1% of the real cost.
With nothing more to pay, of course.
Oh, and I’ll make it better.
In every case, you’ll also have a full licence for what’s called “white label” rights.
That means YOU are the owner.
You can put your name on every single item.
You become the instant expert.

So, Here’s The Business Plan, In Full.

  • Get the full 5 businesses by clicking here
  • Get Content Samurai by clicking here (it’s a free 7 day trial remember). Spend 10 minutes learning it - you can be adding videos about your new businesses to Facebook within 20 to 30 minutes - remember, you don’t have to do any writing - all the scripts, copywriting and everything is done for you!

UPDATE : A SIXTH BUSINESS has just been added:
While you can start small on a shoe-string budget, this bonus course gives you a roadmap you can follow step-by-step and Build An Online Business designed for high 6 and 7 figures and beyond - and you can make it lucrative enough to attract investors if you want to raise funds - or you can exit the business later and sell it for up to a 12X Multiplier!
There’s no extra cost!

  1. Click here to get the link again to the 5 (now 6!) businesses.
  2. Click here to get your free 7 day trial of Content Samurai

Just a thought, but even if, for some reason, you decide to not sell these products immediately - you’ve got a huge, instant start-up business library!
As I mentioned yesterday, I’m off to Greece early tomorrow, Saturday, returning late on Monday, for an interesting meeting.
That means that I can’t do a newsletter on Monday, sorry, as I don’t “pre-write” them, to keep them fresh and relevant.
However, as I have unlimited data (lucky me!) across all of Europe, I’ll be keeping my new Alun Hill / Tetmo Instagram account updated though - here’s the link if you want to follow me:
Later in the month, I’m in Sofia in Bulgaria, Bucharest in Romania, Bratislava in Slovakia and Vienna in Austria (including a high-speed hydrofoil ride down the River Danube between the last 2 cities!).
Do keep the emails coming, please!
I look forward to hearing how your new start-ups are doing!
Here to help!
Ooh, nearly forget - I get lots of emails asking which web hosting company I use - the answer is easy - it’s Siteground, every time.
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