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You Spoke. I Listened. Here's What I Did Next.

Today: After you spoke about what you wanted, see what I did for you!

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

September 12 · Issue #228 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

Today: After you spoke about what you wanted, see what I did for you!

Another day. Another hotel room - followed by exploring the area, of course!
You Spoke. I Listened. Here's What I Did Next
You’ve told me, very loud and clear:
  1. You do want to start a small, easy, part time business
  2. You don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars - $20 to $30 is perfect
  3. You don’t want repeated monthly fees - you want to pay once
  4. You don’t want to mess with creating products to sell
  5. You want to build an extensive list of repeat customers
  6. You’re not technical - and don’t want to be so
  7. You don’t want to buy any adverts, ever
  8. You don’t want to learn Wordpress
  9. You don’t want to study and implement SSL (https)
  10. You don’t want to buy hosting
  11. You don’t want to to buy domains
  12. You don’t want to write sales letters
  13. You don’t want to worry about GDPR compliance
  14. You want to build slowly, in your spare time
  15. You want help videos
  16. You want a 24/7 helpdesk
Above all, you want to work honestly, truthfully and decently …
… and you want to make an exceptional 1st or 2nd income, working online, from home.
Well, that’s a tall order, isn’t it?
But I’ve listened.
And I’ve taken notice.
Here’s what I’ve done for you.
A simple business that fulfills all of your requests.
That you can work for a few minutes a day.
With no domains or hosting to buy, full GDPR compliance, and with security built in.
And a zero learning curve.
Just follow the course videos and press a few buttons, actually.
This will create online stores for you.
100 products are included.
They’re all information based, as these always sell so well.
And it’s easiest to sell other such product to your new list, of course, too.
You keep all of the profits.
Your new list of names and emails is yours, too, of course.
Easy to setup - and pretty much on autopilot after your first session.
And no buying adverts. Ever.
And it’s a simple one-off payment.
Here are more details:
And I know you like it when I give you my personal advice.
Here it is.
Grab the “Pro” version, using my Coupon Code “cloud10”.
You’ll save $10.
You’ll NOT have to pay the normal $37 every month. In fact, you’ll never pay anything else.
And you’ll get the easiest way to make the most money - starting today.
One thing in return, though - don’t share this with anyone else, please.

Alun, who always listens.

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