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Your Online Store In 60 Seconds Is Here Today


Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

May 15 · Issue #124 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

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Your Online Store In 60 Seconds Is Here Today
As you have already discovered from reading my daily newsletter, having an online e-commerce store, especially an affiliate one, is one of the easiest ways to get that extra $1,000 a month that I refer to so often.
(Actually, affiliate marketing has created more internet millionaires than all other niches combined.) 
That said, many of you, understandably, couldn’t afford the set-up cost - which was high because I had to build the stores manually. 
So, today, I’ve got something for you.
I’ll tell you straight away that it’s $17, with nothing more to pay.
(Later, for those who don’t take action today, it will be $17 every month, but you’ll get in with my private information link, below, for a one-off $17).
I don’t give sales talk - and I know you don’t want it, so rather than me using all the usual salesy adjectives, let me just list what you’ll get for your $17. 
Do you prefer me to always describe things in this way, please? Do let me know!
Here goes:
  • Your own online e-commerce store (or stores!)
  • An unlimited number of products
  • Domain names
  • Takes 60 seconds to build the store - no experience necessary
  • Everything is accessed from any computer - no downloads are required
  • No programming, no Wordpress, no plugins - the software takes care of everything 
  • Set up in any of many languages
  • Beautiful store designs (sorry, I used an adjective but they are beautiful!)
  • Works with Amazon / Aliexpress / eBay - instantly
  • SEO built in, so you will be listed in Google etc
  • No monthly fees or additional charges
  • Separate stores for different countries, fully translated
  • A 24/7 online support team
  • Only 3 steps to set up everything up in 60 seconds: 
  1. login
  2. choose the keywords of the product niche you want to sell (the program chooses the best selling items automatically for you!)
  3. watch as the program advertises your site on Social Media and elsewhere (all included), giving guaranteed thousands of visitors from social media on your affiliate store in a few minutes (automatically)
  • Wishlists with a 90 day cookie
  • Fully mobile friendly
  • YouTube reviews of your chosen products
  • Detailed, step-by-step, training videos and PDF’s that show you all the “insider secrets” to success with these stores
There is lots more - and you can see sample stores and reviews and even take a “walkthrough video” on the full, private, information link, below, but I wanted to say something here.
I’ve never seen an easier way to set up an online store.
At any price, let alone a one-off $17.
But I’m going to make a suggestion to you - a strong hint, if you like.
You will be offered, as one-off opportunity, to have more than one store.
If you’re quick, and use the coupon code “shoppe20”, you’ll get unlimited stores for $28.95 - again, a one-off payment.
But I feel I must tell you that the coupon is set so that you need to make the decision within about 16 minutes of going to the information site.
I think it’s only fair to you that I mention that, yes, in case you miss it?
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Onwards and upwards!
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