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YouTube Free Report Update, As Promised

Today: YouTube - Free Report

Would An Extra $1,000 A Month Help You?

September 25 · Issue #237 · View online
INVEST IN YOURSELF: Over $100,000 of courses. You only pay $50/month or $300/year for full access.

Today: YouTube - Free Report

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YouTube - Free Report
As I mentioned yesterday, for a long time I taught how I was making rather large sums of money on YouTube.
Indeed, many of my current newsletter subscribers first “discovered” me this way!
The main course alone sold over 100,000 copies, all online, and I presented the course worldwide to live audiences.
There were regular updates to the course, too, and I added a few extra bonus items over the years.
Many of today’s top YouTube earners learn how to best get massive dedicated subscriber numbers (and earnings!) from the course.
It’s fair to say that YouTube in the last year or so has undergone some painful transitions - mostly self-inflicted, I must say - but fortunately they seem to have settled down again now.
 Remember that YouTube is not only the worlds’ second most popular search engine, but it’s also a great, effective, free way to generate leads, sales and a fabulous income.
And the steps to do that are actually quite simple.
(The most common comment on my course was always “this is so straightforward - why didn’t I think off this?”!)
So, the plan is straightforward and you don’t these days even need cameras and microphones as so many videos can be made online.
Examples - I use to turn my audio podcasts into instant videos and it only costs $12/ month - bargain!).
There are also wonderful sites like Content Samurai and Reevio, which create gorgeous videos - CS also creates its own fantastic voices!
There’s a massive demand for all sorts of training guides, and for people just talking about their hobbies, interests.
But there’s one over-riding thing you need to know.
Just putting up a video doesn’t guarantee overnight success and riches.
You need to do everything else right, too.
But here’s the best bit.
These other things, descriptions, tags, and so on, HAVE TO BE DONE ANYWAY!
So, doing them right is no extra work - but it does generate views in minutes!
And followers …
And earnings.
So, if this interests you (and it should!) …
You can click below and get a short-but-detailed report for free.
You’ll also be at the top of the list for a new YouTube course which is out tomorrow - so you’ll get full access to the full course for just $7, if you wish, before anyone else gets to hear about it.
You may even win one of the free copies of the complete course!
Here’s the link:

Alun, who still loves YouTube and uses it extensively, via several accounts, to create multiple streams of income and to generate multiple sales and multiple leads.
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